• shine power!

    It's amazing what you can do with plain html and css these days.
    I created this interactive, 3-dimensional, glowing sphere from a simple "ul" of images. Now, when you register with the shine-Project, your Avatar will show up in the sphere just like that!

    Check out the real thing at: shine-power.net

  • Pipaponien

    Is a platform serving stories, games, riddles and all manner of fun stuff that children will want to do when they get their hands on an Apple iPad.
    It is a joint project that Matthias Weinert and I are working on together. In the long run it shall be open to anyone who has a story to tell. So if you are an Illustrator and plan on publishing your stuff on the iPad, consider joining us.

  • Instant Rocket Fuel

    ...is a simple html5 canvas game framework written in CoffeeScript.

    It comes with a time-based loop and has support for sprites, animation and maps. There is a mechanism for input and custom events. It also provides a Vector class and bounding box collision detection.

    It is meant to be simple and get you quick results even if you haven't done any programming before.

    Fork it at github.
    Or have a look at the Documentation (with lots of illustrations!).

  • Loreley Comic

    Heinrich Heine wrote the poem "Loreley" and I adapted it into a comic.
    To create it, I wrote a commandline tool that facilitates the comic creation workflow.

    You can buy the comic in stores around Berlin for €3,50.

    Der Tagesspiegel published a review.

  • Subprime Monster

    When president Horst Köhler likened the subprime crisis to a "monster", the newspaper "Handelsblatt" asked me for a visualisation. I have ever since illustrated quite a few subprimy monsters.

    The irony: making a living in times of recession by drawing monsters.

  • EEG Game-development Seminar

    The Essential Existence Gallery in Leipzig invited Axel Sylvester and myself to hold a seminar on "Ruby and Game development".

    We gave an introduction to Ruby, Gosu and Chipmunk and started developing Games!

    It was a blast, the participants were amazing and we created a lot of awesome games in just a few days.

    We are doing it again, this year. I recommend you register early!

  • Wheel of fortune

    This picture shows a wheel of fortune that I created for "Computer Bild" in Flash, unsing AS3.

    However, with html5 an all that's possible with CSS and Javascript these days, I find myself doing less and less Flash development.

  • Iberogast

    The Characterdesign for Iberogast sympathy figure includes an adult person, a kid (see left) and a baby. Each of the figures usually comes in five states: stomach ache, belch, bloating, nausea and feeling fine.
    There are also versions for different seasons like easter, winter and summer.

  • last Exit

    lastEXIT will parse a schedule on a remote Server and tell you if you still have plenty of time to catch your bus (train, ferry, whatever) or if it’s late and you must hurry.

    Now, no longer will you be confused with trains you missed already or that go on sundays only. All you see are departures that are relevant at the particular time you consult your dashboard, neatly arranged into categories: missed, hurry and in time.

    Finally, the online schedule is an ordinary iCalendar file. It’s easy to make your own schedules with iCal, place them online and share them with your friends.

    Download it from Apple

  • Mecki

    After a change in Management at HÖRZU magazine, the new CEO Jörg Walberer set out to fundamentally modernize its design. The magazines long standing mascot "Mecki" should also undergo a facelift and I was chosen to do it.

    My endeavor to establish Mecki as a HÖRZU-Reporter, interviewing celebrities around the world however, lasted for few issues only.

  • IESE: Entertainment & Interactive

    The Fraunhofer-Institute for Experimental Software Enginieering (IESE) sent me on a mission to conduct the seminar "Entertainment and Interactive Software Development" at the Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST).
    I gave a broad overview on HCI touching on usability, then we continued with a Ruby programming primer and game development basics. Every topic was accompanied with exercises and hands-on development.
    I was lucky to work with Gerard Said who set up Linux virtual machines for every Student on memory-sticks. We also had a great time together after classes.

    Malta is a lovely place. I'm looking forward to going there again.

  • AOL Shooter

    Back in the day, I did a lot of work for AOL. The online shooters were so popular that they relaunched them tree times, adapted to a different season (easter, summer and winter) each time.
    Together with Tanja Schumacher we produced many online crime-stories and illustrated mini-series for christmas.